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    Chairman Speech  

    Hengrun group has experienced difficulty, development and growth for the past 10 years with us, since it was established in 2001.

    Ten years on, I, and my employees, always believe the faith of being responsible to the society and being independent to ourselves are keystones that lead us to success. No matter how uncertain the whole market is, our orientation is certain and straightforward, that is to apply professional operation, standardized management and scientific research into our industrial system. Moreover, the efforts we spend on analyzing the market, extending our corporate partners, communicating with authorities, attracting talents, establishing corporate culture, and etc, are factors contributed to the result for us to keep the leading position in the area of composite material industry as well.

    I would like to say thanks to people who are being with us for these hard days, thanks to people who are proud of our developing, and thanks to people who support us behind the scenes. Because of you, this company could achieve such an unexpected success. I would never forget any of you.

    Although there is still a great gap for us to be a world-class enterprise, we have confidence, as always, to reduce, or even eliminate, this gap in the next several years. Facing the challenges of the future, we aim to create Hengrun to be well-known in the world by our extraordinary wisdom and persistent efforts.